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Safety Plan

Each Burlingame school is a part of a larger network in San Mateo County. Every year, all Burlingame principals are a part of The Big Five training held with liaisons from police departments, fire personnel and emergency respondents. San Mateo County is the first county in the US to have an interdepartmental protocol between county government, schools and private businesses. To read more about The Big Five, click here.

Additionally, we have a Burlingame School District Safety Committee, which Principal Guidi serves on as the Administrative Representative. The committee meets three times a year to discuss and refine site and district protocols. It is important to note that each site's safety plan is updated and annually reviewed and approved by the school board.

Access to the school during school hours is through a secure, monitored system. A district-wide all call system is also being implemented which will allow the district to communicate with all sites simultaneously via intercom.

Here at Lincoln, we practice one of The Big Five drills (which include lockdown/barricade) once a month. Staff is trained at the beginning of each school year, with additional training and review twice throughout the rest of the year.

In an actual event, it is important to wait for instructions from the site or district to ensure a safe and orderly pick up of your student. Instructions could be issued by phone call, text or email, depending on what communications are available to us. Please be sure that we have correct emergency information on file, as students will not be released to anyone not listed on your form. This includes grandparents, nannies, family friends, etc. 

Your student's safety and well-being are paramount to all staff. We invite you to click here to read more about San Mateo County Department of Education's Big Five on their website.