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Be Safe Be Kind Be Ethical

The Four Cs

Our philosophy is that to deliver a well-rounded education to our students, there must be a focus on nurturing the 21st Century skills of collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking. Development of this skill-set is embraced by the Lincoln community and supported by the Lincoln mission:

Lincoln is a community where all students, staff and families come together to develop compassionate, creative and collaborative problem solvers able to thrive in an ever changing world.


A Growth Mindset

Complementing the Four Cs, the growth mindset is nurtured in Lincoln students. A growth mindset occurs in students when they are given the opportunity to try and fail, and can positively rebound from these setbacks. This learned resilience is helped along significantly by teaching practices and feedback.


Cultivating Connection from the Inside Out

Lincoln believes in "Cultivating Connections from the Inside Out (CCIO)", and combines social-emotional learning (SEL) with strong Common Core based programs to enhance the existing learning environment and school culture. Our CCIO Program has had a significant positive impact at Lincoln, across all aspects of school life. Based on CCIO's success including academic gains, Lincoln was awarded the California Department of Education's Distinguished School Award in 2018.

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Start Here Philosophy

“Whatever you are, be a good one.”
- Abraham Lincoln