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Math & English

21st century learning is embraced in the Common Core State Standards adopted throughout our Burlingame School District (BSD) in the areas of math and English. These 21st century skills, which include creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking (the Four Cs) are fostered in our students at all grade levels and in all subject areas. The Common Core State Standards include a variety of embedded digital literacy and technology skills to allow personalized instruction to prepare students for high school and beyond.

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Science & Engineering

In 2013 the State Board of Education (SBE) adopted NGSS for California Public Schools, K-12. The NGSS for California includes Performance Expectations in Life, Earth and Space, Physical Science and Engineering each year K-8. 

The 2013 standards differ from the previous 1998 standards because they emphasize the importance of having a deep understanding of science concepts and engaging in scientific thinking and emphasize the importance of addressing big ideas and cross cutting concepts.

Burlingame School District is an early adopter of NGSS and has worked to implement these standards through site, district and county Professional Development.

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"Science is much more than a body of knowledge. It is a way of thinking."

- Carl Sagan